• Image of *Autographed* Evan Wecksell "LOL" (CD)

Get the comedy music album that answers the question, "What would Bob Dylan, Jon Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen sound like if they had a sense of humor?"

Reminiscent of Adam Sandler or Stephen Lynch, experience Evan's first comedy song about his desire to be a male stripper in "Finding Myself" all the way through his desire to be preyed on by cougars in "Attack of the Cougar." And let's not forget that ebony-themed anthem "I Wanna Be Black."

Oh, and he'll autograph a copy for you too!!


1) Attack of the Cougar
2) Fmylife.com
3) BonJovi219 (Boy on the Internet)
4) David Hasselhoff Can Save the Day
5) Bam
6) The A-Rod Song
7) Platonic Male Companion
8) I Wanna Be Black
9) Inflatable Woman
10) Finding Myself
11) Pick Me Pick Me (Live)
12) Real Emo (Live)
13) BonJovi219 (Live)
14) Housekeeper (Live)
15) Baby (Live)
16) Platonic Male Companion [Remix]